Tiger Lilov's Chess Secrets


Tiger Lilov’s Chess Secrets contains:

  • More than 5 hours of instructional videos and lectures for any level (from Beginners to Masters)!
  • Thematic exercises with interactive video answers to each theme from the package.
  • Annotated master games introducing the valuable concepts as practiced by the great masters!
  • Secret methods of dealing with many problematic situations a player may encounter in his/her practical games.
  • Personalized help to anyone who has questions or needs help on how to approach the training course.
  • Order your copy today (via download) and save 10% from it's initial price!

Price: $34.50

Unleashing the Chess Secrets by IM Tiger Lilov! 

Most beginners, intermediate and master players find planning in the middlegame a challenge, especially at a height of battle for where the player seeks initiative, advantage, or even in need of mounting a solid defence against an attack. 

IM Valeri Lilov presents different strategic themes and equips players of different levels of skill with the required toolkit whenever they play their games, be it openings, middlegame or endings. The simple exciting and dynamic presentation style of Valeri Lilov makes learning and understanding of the key strategic themes easy for players aspiring to improve as he takes them through instructive games whilst explaining the application of the concepts.  The concepts are easy to apply and translate into your own games, and can even be practiced on your next game.

In chess, there is no to “create” move-by-move attacks any more. This lecture package will enable you to learn how to identify critical moments in your games and apply sound and correct strategy. It’s that easy! In this volume, you will find lectures on opening principles, positional evaluation, planning, identifying candidate moves, and improving calculation technique. 

There is no greater opportunity to learn from the masters and discover the secrets of their thinking than through this package. Enjoy the magical world of chess secrets!

Awesome product I really like it!

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