DVDs & Sample Lectures

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               IM Valeri Lilov has collaborated with ChessBase on a number of projects aiming at providing aspiring chess players and enthusiasts with the highest quality of training materials to prepare them for their next important match over the board. One of the biggest ChessBase projects Valeri has taken on through the years is his ChessBase DVD series. His published DVDs cover opening theory extensively but many focus on tactics and attacking chess, as well. Some of his most interesting DVDs include Tactics Vol. 1-4, The Sicilian Kan Variation, and Gambit Opening Repertoire. [Learn more]

Board Sample Lectures                                              

In addition to Tiger Lilov’s Chess School paid services, IM Valeri Lilov has been actively involved in producing numerous free thematic lectures and videos, now available all in one place on Tiger Lilov’s YouTube channel. One of the best ways to sample IM Valeri Lilov’s work as personal chess coach and professional lecturer is by watching some of these inspiring videos available on our YouTube channel. YouTube chess videos by IM Lilov dwell on a number of instructive and inspiring topics, both from chess theory and practice, including How to Avoid Positional Mistakes, Tata Steel 2013: Brilliant Attacks, and Attacking for Beginners. [Learn more]